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Are you ready to invest in DOME PROJECT LOMBOK. Lease 1200 square meter of land, build your own Domes and collaborate with us and the Dome Resort.

We provide you with design, architectural drawings and support, to get you started, or we discuss your visions and how we can find a great collaboration. Contact us at for discussion


Dome Village offers you the chance to invest in a sustainable development in Lombok. Each Dome is made using our specialist earth-bag building technique.

Your Dome will be part of Dome Village – Eco Resort, including 9 self contained Domes in the first phase, co-working space, permaculture gardens, farm to plate restaurant and an infinity pool. Future development plans include additional domes, a yoga shala, artist studio and expansion of the coworking space. Dome is pushing the boundaries in sustainable construction without neglecting design, quality and comfort.

Eco- Tourism is booming in Lombok, which is why now is the right time to invest in Dome, we know there is growing demand for eco-conscious investment and resort options. You can be confident that by investing in Dome you are making a sustainable choice. Dome is proud to be the most advanced eco-project in the south of Lombok.

The Dome Village resort is located on the south-eastern part of Lombok, Indonesia fantastically situated on a hilltop overlooking two bays and the most beautiful white sand beach in southern Lombok.The lush, green hillside spreads out over 6000 square metres. The views are fenomenal. The sunsets are magical. And the white sand beach of fabled Tanjun Aan, with mellow surfing waves, diving sites and cosy local beach restaurants, is only a short walk away.

We know there is magic here! Come see Dome for yourself.

  • South Lombok, Indonesia

  • 30 minutes from the International Airport

  • 15 minutes east of Kuta, Lombok

  • 5-10 minutes from excellent surf spots

  • 6000 m2 of hillside land in total

  • 18 Domes built after the second stage is complete

  • Hillside restaurant, co-working space, creative studio, yoga shala, agroforestry project providing our restaurant with our own produce

  • Dome floor area starting from 15 m2 to 100 m2

  • Prices starting at 49.000 EUR

  • Secure HGB land title through Dome Projects Indonesian company.

  • Prime investment in one of the fastest growing areas in Southeast Asia

  • Be part of a creative society of entrepreneurs and eco warriors, sharing the vision of changing the world for the better

  • Great Return on Investment from the administered lease

  • Fenomenal view and sunsets from your own Dome

  • Ecological design and green environments

  • Dome Lombok will offer restaurants, co-working space, creative studio and more

  • World-class surfing, diving, fishing and more in the area



Pristine coral coastlines, with their many natural treasures and majestic scenery, make Lombok a popular destination for diving, eco-tourism and surfing. The laidback ambiance and idyllic settings of the Gili Islands have always appealed to tourists, but now, the more remote destinations are being discovered by travelers from all over the world. And foreign companies and investors have discovered the potential of investing in more sustainable solutions enduring a strong and steady growth for Lombok’s tourism and economy.
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