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Our Dome Models



2 Persons

This is our cosiest favourite Dome! Perfect for two persons with it's own rooftop terrace and outdoor area close to the pool. 


710 000 IDR


2 Persons

If you prefer some privacy in a bigger Dome on a secluded platform, this is the one!


1 000 000 IDR


3-4 Persons

This is our most high end and spacious Dome.


1 100 000 IDR

A Calm Getaway

Relax in a unique and secluded oasis that is unlike any other. Dome Lombok represents eco living and barefoot luxury at its finest. We believe you will fall in love with the amazing Domes and feel at home at our exclusive resort. This lush, verdant oasis of 9 Domes boasts a swimming pool and farm-to-fork restaurant with a juice bar and amazing breakfast. Our core objective is to provide an unforgettable experience with an eco-friendly approach

Eat & Relax

From the restaurant terrace you will be able to enjoy the view of the fabled Tanjun An with its mile long white sandy beach while enjoying our farm-to-plate fresh food or a healthy juice tonic.

Dome - FOOD-15.jpg

About This Place

The Dome Village resort is located on the south-eastern part of Lombok, Indonesia fantastically situated on a hilltop overlooking two bays and the most beautiful white sand beach in southern Lombok. The lush, green hillside spreads out over 6000 square metres. The views are phenomenal. The sunsets are magical. And the white sand beach of the fabled Tanjun Aan, with mellow surfing waves, diving sites and cosy local beach restaurants, are only a short walk away.

We know there is magic here! Come see Dome for yourself.


Surf & Explore

The Dome Village resort is located on the south-eastern part of Lombok, strategically situated on a hilltop near the town of Gerupuk. It offers magnificent panoramic views over the Gerupuk mangrove delta as well as the stunning bay and dramatic coastlines. It is close to numerous surf breaks and diving sites, and is five minutes walking distance from the fabled Tanjung Aan Beach. 

The 6 acre property is close to the local fishing village where you can enjoy small-town friendliness and traditional Sasak culture. It is also connected to the newly built road that provides a convenient 15-minute drive to Kuta Beach – the main tourist destination – and an approximately 30-minute drive to the international airport.


As a part of our business concept we take in investors on each Dome to help us build more and then share the profit. We have plans for a stage 2 of our resort. If you are interested to be a part of the team, let us know!


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Contact Us

Rajan Pujut, Central Lombok Regency

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Meet The Team

5b552e6be5d2a86fb499d9df_digital (1 of 1)-11.jpg
David Paulin

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Anne Setterwall

Business Development & IT

Olle Pettersson

Business Accellerator

Christian Göran

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Martin Condominas

Coating Specialist & Designer

Maja Lartell

Human Resource & Interior Design

MicrosoftTeams-image (1).png

Resort Manager

5b68ae23234a18027d1bfebc_edy (1 of 1).jpg
Ketut Sugiada

Architect & Engineer

Christine Thuresson

Senior Project Manager


Vice Resort Manager

sanne back.jpg
Sanne Jansen

Dome Designer

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